Stubby Holders: Custom Branded Products That Customers Will Use

There are lots of items that can be considered Custom Branded Products. But some don’t last long and others tend to get tossed out as soon as a person gets home. In order to get the most out of these products, including their marketing potential, companies need to choose something that is useful to customers and something that will last. For many, the solution can be found in stubby holders.

An important part of enjoying a beverage is keeping it cool. Whether it is a beer with friends or a soda at a picnic with the kids, a cold drink can add to the experience. This means that most customers will get some use out of a stubby holder, even if it has company specific information on it. They will use it inside and outside of the house, making it perfect for getting lots of attention from other people. It becomes something that gets put away in a drawer and used over and over again, extending its marketing potential.

Stubby coolers come in all shapes and sizes. This makes the product a versatile item that will get lots of use. It also means that if there is a lot of company information that needs to be included, the larger version of the cooler can be used. These coolers even come in different shapes to add to the appeal. Why not create a cooler that looks like a t-shirt? Why not add a zipper for a little more usefulness and appeal? The possibilities are endless.

One of the biggest problems with branded products is storage as well as transporting items from one location to another. If the goal is to hand out a large number to a group of people, the coolers come folded, making them easy to transport and easy to distribute. When the time comes to get branded products into the hands of customers, stubby coolers offer a great solution. Large quantities are easy to store, easy to move, and easy to pass out. Why complicate things when stubby coolers can make things so much easier? Don’t overlook the possibilities when it comes to custom branded products.